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Safely Gamble Online and Earn More than Traditional Betting!

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Do you remember the simple bet? And to complete a combined bet, simply select multiple single bets and place them on the same coupon. Of course, odds will multiply between them, enough to promise even bigger gains!

But be careful! Indeed, if the lure of winning is very attractive, players will win the jackpot, only if all handset bets are accurate. You therefore have a much lower chance of winning your prognosis than in a single bet. Nevertheless, at some bookmakers, various variants of the handset exist. Indeed, by betting on three meetings, they can offer you to win your handset with only 1 or 2 correct results for example. But of course, odds and winnings will be lower!



How does the Combination Bet Work?

Our explanation has not convinced you yet? This is not a problem since we will present a concrete example of a handset. Take at random three soccer games (even if you can place as many disciplines as you want).

If you bet on the 3 victories of these 3 soccer games on the occasion of a combined bet, the three odds will multiply and you will win the product of your bet by the total odds.

What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

If you want to bet on rb88ทางเข้า in a combined bet, you will have to redouble your efforts to focus your attention on all the teams or athletes that come into play. On a combined 3 predictions, remember to collect information on the 6 major players of your bet. Although the potential gain can be really attractive, the chances of losing a handset are still high. Thus, for beginners, we advise you to focus more on a single bet or a double chance bet. For the more experienced, limit yourself to 2 or 3 predictions in your combined bet! To win the biggest jackpot, you can add an infinite number of bets, but beware, if only one prognosis is lost, it’s all your handset goes up in smoke!

Even if you have validated all your predictions, sometimes they are canceled! How is it possible? Quite simply, this is because there are very strict conditions that allow bookmakers to repay your bets or adjust the odds according to situations. Whether the match is moved, interrupted, or the sports betting site has made a mistake, you will know everything about canceling a prognosis. Please note that if you have validated your coupon, you will not be able to cancel your bet yourself!

The Cancellation of a Bet because of a Game Situation

The cancellation of sports betting exists, but be careful because it is subject to certain conditions that are very strict! Indeed, according to the laws that legislate online betting, a bookmaker cannot cancel your bets without a valid reason, which will be registered in the terms and conditions of the website.

For example, at first, the bookmaker may cancel your prognosis to the extent that a sports match cannot go to an end because of a certain fact of play. Following the abandonment of a team or a player, like in tennis, the bookmakers reserve the right to cancel the sports bets placed for these meetings, since, the phase of game could not be ended!