Game of dice rules: the rules of the dice online game

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This is a table game known in the casinos where a beautiful lady blows the dice of the player to give them luck during their game and all the players look at the result that the goddess fortune designates. Now the time has changed. You can now play dice games with DADU Online portal. You will have the balance tilted towards you if you review the rules for playing dice in our guide. Before you start playing you have to learn the rules given, the different bets available and the zones.


How the game even starts?

Long before the roll of the dice, the dice player must place their bets. To do this places your chips on the table. Each of the zones will allow you to win or lose. Once you have placed the chips the player can already throw their dice and sign the luck. To understand well in which cases the dice are winners or losers it must be necessary to know the meaning of the different zones and therefore of all the different possible bets and the points that each result adds.The dice require some minutes of learning and the best way is to practice with free games session where you can enjoy the best games and products. You will be able to develop your game together with an effective strategy that will bring you many victories by throwing and knowing the rules given goblet.

The different areas of the dice table means different of rules. The player rolls the dice. If you roll a 7 or an 11 you win your bet. If they roll a 2, 3 or 12, they lose the bet. If they roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, it is said that the player establishes the point and the dealer places a yew on the table to indicate the value of the point obtained in the dice.Once the point is established, the player rolls the dice again until the point is re-scored or 7 are drawn.If you take the set point, you win your bet according to rules for playing dice. If they roll 7 before he gets the point, they lose their bet according to the dice game rules.

Conclusion: Review the dice game rules and practice

Thanks to the online casino a window opens up to players to get out a bit of the routine and try this game from any online casino and fatten up your account with the high prizes found in this game.It is the turn to put into practice what you learned in the game of the dice and you can do them for free and practice little rules of the dice and settle your knowledge in game of dice rules.The game of dice rules and strategies is something easy to learn and more if you can assimilate the game with a couple of free games before playing in real with all the game given rules learned.